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Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus - Episode 8

"I’m sorry, he’s shy with strangers." |・・●)

"I’m sorry, he’s shy with strangers." |・・●)

I was planning to work on Yona c48 today but when I checked the cleans, they were in .tif format, not the usual .psd files.

I’ll wait for the psd files.

EDIT: Apparently, the layers will show up if I open with Photoshop. Time to get working then. :)


Darki Cherries fantasie over the guys ! Gif ( Bakumatsu Rock EP.8)

So far , this episode was the best . It made me laugh so much! I was wondering if the show will get some shoujo and I was glad. Okita made me laugh the most and Hijikata , this man is a huge tsundere. 


Oryo x Ryoma Gif ( Bakumatsu Rock Ep.8)

I don’t know why I started shipping them. Oryo is a similar character as Ryoma and somehow they could be a cute couple.

"Shall I sign them for you?"